The Importance of ISO 2200 in Traditional Food in Indonesia, Case in Rendang Catering

Filma Festivalia

Dewi Savitri

Mimi Engrani



Not just a quality management system for the food industry as the important things, ISO 22000 which incorporate with Hazard Analysis Control Point (HACCP) and other preventive plans also need to be a apply soon to ensure food safety. In Indonesian cases, especially in meet food catering such as rendang has some problem such as variety of diseases and contamination of food products of animal origin. It can cause anxiety societies that exist throughout the world, which consequently affect the attitude of consumers. Therefore, consumers are becoming more curious information about the source of the products they consume. This quirosity become pressure from consumers to produsen. As we know many changes that occur in the production of food, in terms of both quality and safety. The objective of this study to determine food safety practice and procedures related to the food safety management system in Rendang. The data were obtained use survey method to 5 catering/restaurant at Bintaro Jakarta area. The result shows that not all producers following hygene requirement such as ingredient, meat process and stora.

Keywords: ISO 2200, HACCP, Meat Food

Full Text: doi:10.2991/ictgtd-16.2017.16


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