Homestay Management Programmes in the Area of New Tourism Destination in Petak Village, Pacet

Amalia Mustika

Fachrul Husain Habibie



Many villages in Indonesia are visited by both local and foreign tourists, one of which is the village Petak, Pacet. This is a challenge for the local community, government officials and even the intellectuals. The use of the term “homestay” might be different in different countries. In attracting tourists, preparations in all areas are needed, one of which is to provide homestays. The objectives of the research are: The first one is how the homestay program is implemented in Petak Village, Pacet after being given both theoretical and practical subjects, and the second is the challenge in implementing a homestay program where the development of sustainable tourism as cultural social program is implemented in the community, the environment and the effects of the economic situation of the community, and the third is to change the way of thinking of rural communities, where houses can be used as a homestay which is different from boarding houses. The method of this study is a qualitative method, in which researchers attempted to describe the actual condition or state by collecting data and information in the field and explain in narrative form without test hypotheses or make predictions before, while the data collection techniques is using observation , interviews, and documentation. The results of this study are homestay program can be implemented in the village of Petak because most of the houses of the people have meet the homestay criteria based on cleanliness, comfort and security. This means that the culture of rural plots to preserve the cleanliness, comfort and safety has been running well.

Keywords: Homestay Management, New Tourism Destination

Full Text: doi:10.2991/ictgtd-16.2017.2


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