Surya Fadjar Boediman

Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Trisakti


In the present era, is unfortunate because of the difficulty of finding a tourism object that provides cultural attractions by showing the diversity of Indonesia, but it is certainly very good in providing education and the cultivation of positive values, especially on the younger generation. With this, PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol sees this potential, thus starting the Fantastique. In the Fantastique, Ancol, North Jakarta all cultures, the traditional element to the most update and futuristic, shown in a major way. The advantages and spectacular performances Fantastique Magic Fountain Show can give you a deep impression and impact on any visitors who watch the show. However, due to the Magic Fountain Show is Fantastique attractions, therefore the author wanted to examine the potential possessed by this Fantastique.

This research aims to find out about the Fantastique attraction as one of the multimedia show in Ancol, North Jakarta, also aims to find out the appeal of Fantastique as one tourist destination in North Jakarta good benefits as well as drawbacks. The research method used is descriptive method, the method deskiptif is research that describes or depicts the phenomena or relationships between phenomena investigated by systematic, factual, and accurate (Kusmayadi, 2000) based on the results obtained, it can be stated that the appeal of Fantastique attractions as one of the multimedia show in Ancol, North Jakarta.

Keywords: potential and attraction

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